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Latoya & Tubey mixture

The original post is here in Hungarian.

I started knitting its sleeves. I used a circular needle and knitted 3-stitch rib .

I knit into the holes and then into the small gap between two rows, so that it won't be full of holes

"-" is purl, and "o" is knit. "/" and "\" are twisting right and left.

I do not really like the back but I won't knit it again... Moreover during use the sleeve part rolled out, at the back so the back should have been started gradually (cast on 5 stitches in every second rows or something similar...)

So it's high time to make my own dress form similar to this...


Christmas presents - 6

What to give to somebody who asked us to give her money?

Of course, money.

With a little plus.

With a small X-mas ornament. The money is rolled in the bootleg. 
And for birthday a mini pincake. The money is the candle itself.

Don't forget to tell that she should put the money into a safe place!


Christmas presents - 5

To the girlfriend of my brother.

Neckwarmer from bubble-yarn, cross-knitted. 22 bubble/rows. Appr. 60*15 cm.
To my brother.

double thread, model 50 from Sabrina spezial Mützen und Accessoires. 
20*130 cm. 
Pattern : 1k-1 moss stitch-1p-1 moss stitch. It hardens the feelings of the yarn so knit it from a very soft yarn for shawls.

Jani's stepfather.

double thread, 63 stitches, 3k-3p, 4,5 needle, appr. 30*150 cm

Before Christmas we entered lots of shops looking for a shawl for my brother who is fond of  different brands. The quality You earn with a really simple, hand-knitted wool-shawl is impossible to buy.  As a compromise You can buy some softies at a price of 12-13 thousand forints (I bought 200g of the yarns for 1,5 or 1 tFts).
I also think that it is weird that shops follow knitted collections in 2-3 years.
So to put a long story short: knit, knit, knit! Believe me worth it!


Christmas presents - 4

To my grandmother.


Men's shawls from sock-wool. These became really soft and warm.
Men's shawls 1: 92 stitches, needle 2 mm, 2k2p, I changed the rhythm of the stripes in the middle. Appr.: 30*150 cm long (would be if I had blocked it). I also made a small yarn-study.


Men's shawls 2: 93 stitches, needle 2,5 mm, 3k3p, in the middle I changed the rhythm of the stripes. Appr.: 30*150 cm long (would be if I had blocked it).